Brave Penny inspires Greenwood Primary & Nursery School to wear blue for World Diabetes Day

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  • Posted on: November 21, 2023
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Children at Greenwood Primary & Nursery School in Kirkby have been inspired by a fellow pupil to support World Diabetes Day by wearing blue to school.

Pupil, Penny Elland, has type 1 diabetes and is in year 4 at the school based on Sutton Middle Lane in Kirkby in Ashfield.

Penny’s family work closely with school staff to monitor her condition and Head Teacher Kim Tucker says that this mutual support means Penny is thriving, both academically and emotionally.

Kim said, “Penny is a true inspiration to us all. When she asked me if the school would raise awareness by recognising World Diabetes Day, I said it would be an honour.” Kim, who has type 2 diabetes herself, said the idea was fully embraced by the school. “Penny has bravely faced all the challenges of managing her diabetes with a smile. During the awareness day she led presentations to all year groups with such confidence, responsibility, and pride. I know her lovely family are so supportive and proud of her, as are her Greenwood family too. Penny is a shining Greenwood Star!”

Penny’s presentation to her fellow pupils has helped to raise awareness of the hidden condition and she said she hopes other children will spread the message. She said, “I wanted to do this because I’ve had diabetes since I was 5 years old, and it made a big change to my life. It’s important that other people know about this in my school.”


Photograph: Inspirational pupil, Penny Elland (3rd from left), with fellow pupils wearing blue for World Diabetes Day. L to R are pupils : Ellie Parker, Libby Hall, Penny Elland, Isabelle McHale, Lennox Hodgekinson and Yusuf Koksal.


Photograph: Penny delivers a presentation to raise awareness about diabetes to her fellow pupils

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