Graffiti artist helps children of Hucknall Flying High Academy to create ‘community message’ mural.

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  • Posted on: July 25, 2023
  • Partnership: ܽƵ

Children from Hucknall Flying High Academy say they are pleased with the outcome of a mural now displayed on their school fence.

Using design ideas and messages contributed by children and their families, graffiti artist James Mayle (IMAGESKOOL) helped children to lay down colours on the art board, and then completed the mural using skilful flourishes to the great delight of the school children.

Max Mourao is a Year 5 pupil at Hucknall Flying High Academy and said, “We created our mural to fight against negative news about graffiti on our estate and we wanted to show that not all graffiti is bad, and our community is a good place to be.

“I think that the mural turned out very well, because it includes lots of caring and positive words about our community and our school logo. It has lots of people all gathering around the words, -these lovely words about our community! It shows that our community is a lovely place to be!”

Craig Ashton is Year 5 and Upper KS 2 Phase Leader and he said, “As part of Year 5’s street art enquiry learning, the children created a community mural with professional street artist James Mayle from IMAGESKOOL.

“Following the expert guidance of James, the children used professional spray-painting techniques to create an excellent piece of art. Year 5’s street art enquiry question this term is ‘Is the Writing on the Wall’, and they have learnt about influential street artists such as Banksy, Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

“Children have explored how street artists use of graffiti street art can convey important messages, and this has inspired our children to spread their own positive message.”

Craig says the school used a questionnaire seeking input from children, parents and carers on elements they wanted to see in the final piece. He said, “The school community contributed their ideas for potential words, phrases and images that reflected our community, to be included within the mural. This input was a vital element of this project as this mural has been created for the community; therefore, involving the community in its creation was very important. What a super job they have done too! I am incredibly proud of the children for what they have achieved and for how positive, resilient, and hardworking they have been throughout this entire summer enquiry topic.”

Hucknall Flying High Academy Mural-1
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